A high-quality Content Management System (CMS) allows the content on your website to be easily stored and organized. The best CMSs enable your website to be updated and redesigned, to keep up with changing markets, without having to completely overhaul all of the work you have already done. That’s why we use only the best available – WordPress and Drupal.

WordPress is an industry leader with a 60% market share. Its latest version has over 90 million downloads and is used by major websites such as eBay, the New York Times, and Sony, as well as many others. Its principle technology is PHP, with an SQL database running in the background.

Drupal is the longest established CMS that is currently available, having been launched in 2001. Being around for this length of time has allowed Drupal to develop the most technologically advanced CMS there is. Its tech is primarily PHP and is open source and community-based. It is used on over 41 million websites worldwide.

We offer both WordPress development and Drupal development. Our experienced software development team are able to build highly responsive and professional looking websites to your specifications. If you want a website designed from scratch we can provide you with everything you need to have a top of the range site promoting your business. All of the sites we build include SEO optimization and page load speed optimization. We are also able to further develop and enhance existing websites. We can create custom themes and plugins that provide exactly the look and feel that you require making sure your site is fit for purpose.

Our software development team understand that the technical operations of a website are just one part of the equation. If a potential customer visits your site and all the information is there but the design is rudimentary or unappealing that can mean a loss of business. We pay attention to the formatting of your site to make sure that it is Pixel Perfect. This includes having perfect typography, alignment, line spacing, and sizing. Having a website that is easy on the eyes quickly draws in users and makes them more likely to stay on your site for longer, improving your bounce rate.

In today’s world, people will visit your website from a variety of different devices; desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We will ensure that whatever device is used to access your site that it retains all of its functionality and remains Pixel Perfect. All of the websites we develop are mobile friendly and optimized for the most popular mobile devices. 

Having a cutting-edge CMS operating your website is a key component to gaining and maintaining a successful web presence. By utilizing the best available technology we can provide for you a website that will deliver high-quality content to your users. The focus and attention we pay to optimize every aspect of your site will help to drive traffic there.