At FusionHit, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of coding. With that comes a need for an advanced understanding of some of the most emerging Web technologies on the market to date. Web applications must be easy and quick to build – which is what qualifies Ruby on Rails as the best in web development technology in open source.

Praised on its inherent support for rapid application development, RoR is continuously improving and developing its offering. How? By utilizing the RoR community to discover, and quickly develop, common functionalities that require improvement. This method allows RoR to strive for a more robust and scalable product – all the while remaining easy to use/code with.

By employing the best, we can offer technical expertise in the following RoR development areas:

  • Server Side Technologies: Rails 4.x and 5.x.
  • Database: MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis
  • Continuous Integration: Capistrano, Jenkins,Docker
  • Cloud Services Platform: Heroku, AWS, Rackspace
  • FrontEnd: AngularJS, ReactJS
  • WebServers: Apache, Nginx
  • Unit Testing: Cucumber, Rspecs, test-unit

We not only provide expertise, but solutions. Some key areas of our problem-solving include:

  • Customized social networking
  • Audio/video streaming
  • E-commerce suites, Varied Utility Portals(VUPs)
  • Content management systems
  • Event scheduling and resource management system with geo-location maps
  • Data storage systems
  • Business portals for real estate, education portal
  • Business applications including finance management system, project management system


By combining our expert knowledge in social networking, e-commerce solutions and business, with the creation of simple websites, we are able to scale up our offering for larger businesses. RoR Framework also includes a fully-fledged MVC, various JS libraries and much more.