When it comes to developing effective web applications for businesses, JavaScript is the go-to language for front and back-end development. One of the most effective tools that helps JavaScript to run so efficiently is NodeJS. An open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript, NodeJS is packed full of many outstanding features which make the whole web development process a lot easier. Its design means that it can perform different tasks at different times incredibly fast and can speak to your web application easily, as it shares the same language. This is incredibly important for web applications that rely on the cooperation of the server to perform its functions.

Why NodeJS?

This powerful programming language also offers the below fabulous features for web development:

  • Asynchronous I/0 helps to overcome common network and web development issues.
  • Ability to work on frontend and backend development in one programming language
  • Fluid migration when you need to shift the browser logic onto a server or the other way around
  • No modulation needed when unifying NodeJS with newer, JavaScript-based NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.
  • Super simple coding allows data to migrate easily and automatically update any changes made on the client side.
  • Agile and robust Node Package Manager gives access to a host of shared tools and modules.
  • The vibrant online community allows for advice to easily gained and new modules to be developed, based on what NodeJS users need.
  • NodeJS is the perfect environment for cutting-edge developments you may wish to begin using for business such as the IoT.
  • As this language requires fewer resources in terms of web app development, it delivers low-cost solutions and better ROI figures.

Choose FusionHit for Node.js web development

If you like the sound of what NodeJS offers for your business but don’t have the expertise to handle it yourself, give us a call. Our highly talented team of expert web developers have lots of experience in using this powerful programming language. Thanks to this vast experience, we are equipped to build superb real-time web applications in NodeJS that deliver. Contact us today for more details on how we can help.