Java is used for a range of technology platforms including computers, mobile phones and company databases. To keep up with the ever-changing Java technology landscape, our team of coding experts improve the agility, usability and quality of IT systems for businesses.

FusionHit has many years of experience in developing cutting-edge solutions for small and large businesses by using the latest Java and J2EE frameworks – a flexible and modular framework providing many benefits for clients, including compatibility with programming chosen by the developer and easy to use features.

  • Web: Spring Framework, Struts 2 / Java Server Faces, Hibernate, SpringData JPA, Angular, React
  • Microservices & RESTful Web Services: SpringBoot, Apache Camel, Grails, RestEasy, Jersey, Apache MQ, RabbitMQ, Lambda & AWS Services, Docker
  • Automation Testing: Selenium, Junit, Mockito, REST Assured, Cucumber
  • Desktop: Spring, Swing Framework

Thanks to our rich experience in Java development, we are well equipped to provide you with solutions that are cost-effective, portable, scalable and most importantly easy to use. Get in touch today to find out more.