When it comes to front-end development, AngularJS emerges as the preferred programming language of many. It’s open-source but was originally developed by Google and continues to be maintained by them. As a Javascript Framework, it’s relatively simple to learn, but applying it effectively takes years of practice.

At FusionHit, our team is made up of professional and highly skilled developers who are fluent in AngularJS. The applications we create are driven by data and offer high levels of interactivity to suit the needs of all our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantee you excellent results time and time again, so whether you’re a small business or larger established firm, a partnership with FusionHit could skyrocket you to digital success.

Reasons you should choose Angular include:

Security – AngularJS is a secure choice, as protection against malicious attacks is inbuilt into the framework. This means that your applications won’t be prone to cross-website scripting or other common hacks.

Data Binding – You’ll be able to use two-way data binding if you choose AngularJS. With automatic synchronization, the view and model components will be bound without the need for extra work.

Compatible with third parties – Because AngularJS is already a component of other frameworks such as Wijmo, Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic, among others, your applications will be able to sync effortlessly with external add-ons.

Ready to test – Thanks to Dependency Injection (DI), AngularJS can easily perform unit testing through this inbuilt controller when inputting mock data.

Extensible – It’s effortless to replace and modify any of the features of AngularJS, meaning your applications can be developed exactly as you need.

Integrate with MVC – AngularJS offers intuitive connections between MVC components offering simpler, smoother control options.

Simple Javascript – Using the old, plain Javascript, AngularJS is incredibly simple to maintain, test and adapt and comes without a boilerplate.

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