FusionHit Lands in the West Coast of Los Angeles California

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A direct result of FusionHit’s continued success in recent years, the decision to open a branch office in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles was born of a desire to give our US clients the added benefits which a national presence in their country could bring. With our Costa Rica office already thriving, it seemed timely to […]

Why Every Company Needs An Amazon Alexa Skill Strategy


Business organizations of all sizes are beginning to appreciate all the benefits of Alexa voice command technology. Just some of the ways this technology improves the work and home environment are by way of calendar management, internal departmental queries and contacts with home to switch household appliances and devices on and off. You can source […]

4 Elements to Build a Great Company Culture

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There are many companies around us that we could pick as examples, if we are to build a healthy and favorable company culture in our own organization. Top on the list of companies with such a culture existing, would be large conglomerates such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and many others. Such companies where they enjoy an excellent company culture would generally revolve around […]

8 Tips for Software Development Project Management


Ideas are easy. Turning your idea into a productive application is much more difficult, even if you hire a software development team to do it for you. Project management can make or break your software development project. Whether it’s a new site idea or mobile app, here are some tips for a successful project management […]

The Truth About Building a Mobile App: 7 Things You Need to Know


Building a mobile app can be an adventure. Whether you write the code yourself or hire someone else to do it, you will enjoy a fascinating process. At the same time, if you get it right you can make a lot of money. At the very least, you will own something you can be proud […]