What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the organization and use of data for the purposes of helping businesses achieve their business goals.

Business Intelligence services focus on drawing from current and historical data. Data can refer to a wide variety of sources including emails, documents, image files, reports, surveys, statistics and much more. FusionHit’s top tech team uncover trends or patterns or other insights that data may bring.

The benefits of BI range from more focused performance management, better product development and increased sales performance, to streamlining of internal process design and more accurate reporting.

BI is a vital element in knowing your next step in business because it can give the owner, CEO, manager or other stakeholders, a 360-view of your business, your industry and your market. Armed with this data, you’ll know what the next best step is in your business.

FusionHit Business Intelligence Services

FusionHit will help you identify what data is most valuable and how best to extract and present this data through visualizations. This way the data can be read, understood and acted upon. In short, we can help you decide what kind of Business Intelligence would most benefit your business.

We offer the widest range of engineering services for BI, in both the back-end and front-end, and can handle any Business Intelligence needs you have.

Our Business Intelligence service offers the full range of technical expertise from data mining through warehousing and on to visualization for users.

How FusionHit transforms your Business Data

We use our ETL/ELT (‘extract, transform, load’/’extract, load, transform’) experts to transform your current data into accessible, valuable information that will become the bedrock of your Business Intelligence strategy.

Business Intelligence comprises a wide range of processes and practices designed to use your data in an efficient and valuable way.

These initial processes can be summarized as:

  • Data preparation
  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • Data modeling

Both our back-end and front-end engineers work together as a team that extract data using SQL and then deploy and maintain the data, present it to the client.

Our extensive experience with AWS and Azure shows the processes we go through to bring all the disparate elements of your data together into a cohesive whole.