How can Ruby on Rails benefit your web applications?


When it comes to developing top quality web apps, there is always something new to take notice of. The technology programmers have at their disposal is constantly evolving, and our dedicated team in Costa Rica pride themselves on being persistently ahead of the game. That said, sometimes tried and tested tools truly do stand the […]

Why choose nearshore software outsourcing?


Modern businesses know there are many advantages to outsourcing various software-related projects – increased profit margin being just one of them. One of the key decisions, however, is to decide which to opt for: nearshore software outsourcing or going offshore? Here are three reasons why nearshore software outsourcing is the smarter of the two choices:

The evolution of JavaScript


The browser wars of the late 90’s inarguably shaped the structure of the internet, with web developers facing the unenviable task of moving away from the straightforward ability to relay HTML to exploring more interactive options that work in a variety of browsers across a multitude of platforms. The challenge was, bluntly, to evolve or […]

The importance of responsive web design in your website


Do you ever get frustrated when you load up an article on a website, as you’re waiting for the train or killing time in some other way, and come face-to-face with minuscule lines of unreadable text? I’m sure, when it happens, you are usually more than tempted to just give up rather than face the […]

Develop the right mobile app for your business


As more and more businesses pick up the need to cater for mobile technology, it’s increasingly the case that they look to mobile app developers to create unique services and flawless experiences for their customers. If you provide a digital service, or want a way to promote your other services via mobile, an app is […]