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Who We Are

We are your trusted Nearshore Agile Development partner based in Los Angeles, California and Development Center in San Jose, Costa Rica. By collaborating closely with our partners, our Fusioners delivers nothing else than amazing solutions to the world, with high quality and a “can-do” attitude.

SERVICES What we do

More than just software development

UI/UX Design

The secret to a positive digital experience is in the minute detail of the design.

Product Development

Developing new products with creative design solutions and expert engineering techniques.

Agile Development Teams

A great option for any company is to have their own agile development team.

Mobile Development

The necessity of mobile app development is clear – we live in a truly mobile age.

Software Testing

You can rest easy that the quality assurance of your project is guaranteed.


Automation should be your prime goal to free up your staff to focus on other key areas.


Product development done right, with innovated technologies and agile processes.


“Once we identified Costa Rica as being a good location then it became what kind of a company am I looking for, to partner with. Really what I wanted to find was a company that I knew I could trust. One where they were looking out for me, building my team and actually helping me grow as well.”
Mark Chequer CSE Insurance, Walnut Creek CA Chief Information Officer (CIO)
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Our Culture is what make us different

At FusionHit, we’re not just a group of employees working together in the office. We’re a team, and teams have connections that groups of employees don’t have. When we recruit, we don’t just look at someone’s previous experience and whether they’re suited to the role – before that, we pay attention to whether they’re suited to our company culture.