At FusionHit, we offer up-to-the-minute expertise in a wide variety of services.

Located in Costa Rica, readily accessible from any major US city. Our time is your time. We’re in the CST zone, we work the same hours you do, and we’re happy to arrange conferences and meetings at your convenience. We’re here to help! With our responsiveness, you’ll forget we aren’t right around the corner.

Dedicated Software Development Team

We’ve been developing with agile for years, and we know how much it can benefit your project. Do you want your software to be exactly tailored for your business needs? Do you want to take your business to the next level? With the assistance of FusionHit, your business can achieve liftoff.

If you want the latest scrum and agile tools, we can provide JIRA GreenHopper, Rally, Visual Studio Team System, and more. And we really know how to use them—ask about our scrum and agile certifications.

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Custom Software Development

Have a great software idea? We are experts in the latest technologies such as .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Mobile and Front-end development such as HTML5,  AngularJS, Knockout, JQuery, EmberJS and much, much more.

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Digital Marketing

The online marketplace demands keenly-designed and truly usable web experiences to make visits into sales. Our years of expertise in web development and UX will help you turn visitors into customers.

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Mobile Development

Businesses are realizing the advantages of producing apps to promote their services. We can provide support in every aspect of iOS, and Android development. Make your business look stellar with our professional mobile expertise.

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BI & Analytics

Big Data is the future of business intelligence. Give your organization the edge over your competitors by collecting and assessing your data with analytical software tailored to your exact needs.

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Contact Center Services

We offer help desk and technical support. We’re always available to assist; our skilled staff makes it easy for you or your clients to get the answers you need, promptly and thoroughly.

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