Front End Development

FusionHit provides you with a personalized service to enable your customers to navigate and interact with your website. Using the latest technology, we build web applications that communicates between the server and browser immediately without the need to reload, creating a pleasurable, fluid and intuitive experience for your customers.

Services we offer:

Architecture and Design – we look at your specific project and design the application to meet your needs.

Web performance tuning – we use tried and tested methods to perfect and fine tune the performance of your web application.

User Experience and User Interface Design – we develop applications with your customer as our focus.

Custom Development – we ensure your web application is optimized for use on different platforms, including web browsers, smartphones and tablets.



Here at FusionHit, we want to make your web application an impressive and dynamic experience that can be used on various devices. HTML5 allows us to do this as it contributes to important functions like audio and video as well as supporting access to hardware components like the camera or GPS. It also enables these new and nifty features to be used on older browsers which is both convenient and conducive to the flexibility of your application.



Just like HTML5, JavaScript is at the very heart of our creative process. JavaScript provides the infrastructure for every application we create. What this means for our clients is that their web application will be more agile and perform much better than applications that aren’t created using this programming language. In this world of instant gratification, nobody likes to wait for web pages to load and by using JavaScript we can not only ensure speedy load times but also add a number of other interactive functions to the application which your users will love. JavaScript gives us a way of achieving everything you envisioned, providing a convenient interactive experience for your users.



NodeJS is a run-time environment that works across different platforms to enable the server to perform operations for your web application. Its design means that it can perform different tasks at different times incredibly fast and can speak to your web application easily, as it shares the same language. This is incredibly important for web applications that rely on the cooperation of the server to perform its functions.



There are a variety of frameworks we can choose from and when it comes to web applications, there isn’t a “one size fits all” framework that we go for. Each framework, like EmberJS, Knockout, BackboneJS or AngularJS, has their own features and benefits and we will ensure that we select the perfect one that will work for your specific web application requirements.