Contact Center

The only thing that comes close to our commitment to high quality app and website development is our dedication to providing excellent customer service solutions for our clients. Our contact center provides a complete tech support solution for your business.

Based in Costa Rica, we’re able to offer you the best of both worlds – friendly, informed nearshore agents, during American business hours, while keeping prices at a fraction of a US-based contact center. We make sure all of our agents are fully capable with the technologies we support, so your customers will receive ‘first hand’ support.

Telephone Support Services

When your customers pick up the phone to get in touch, our technically-adept, English-fluent agents will answer the phone promptly, and provide first-class voice service.

Live Chat Support Services

A staple of the modern customer experience, live chat is a great option for many web-based stores and services, giving your customer an easy way to get direct, two-way communication without the cost or distraction of a phone call. Our customer service agents service all forms of live chat, from visitor-initiated, to proactive and force chat.

Email Support Services

Email remains the standard means of communication across the internet. Our agents are ready to answer all of your clients’ queries and resolve any problems via email support.


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